organization and storage for contact lenses

how it began

Hey there, I'm DhungJoo Kim. You know, it all started with a love-hate relationship with my contact lenses. I mean, I loved the whole not-tripping-over-everything part, but those flimsy paper boxes they came in? Big sigh. They just couldn't cut it. I'd toss 'em into my purse, and poof, they'd come out looking like they went five rounds with my keys and lost. So, after years of dealing with soggy boxes and the whole "is this even sanitary?" drama, I had this lightbulb moment. What if I could create a contact lens case that's not just tough, but also keeps those bad boys pristine and ready to go? And just like that, SturdySight was born.

We're not about just slapping some hard shell around your lenses. Nope, we're all about giving you that "ahh" feeling when you find your lenses safe, sound, and sterile. Like a mini fortress for your eyes, you know? So here's to ditching the delicate dance with paper boxes. With SturdySight, you're getting a buddy that keeps your lenses as fresh and clean as your vision should be. Cheers to clear sights and sturdy cases!

DJ (Founder)

The game plan? provide a better experience for contact lens wearers. Easily store, organize, and find your contacts.

Our Products

Our gear? It's our pride and joy. So much so, we're slapping a 100% satisfaction guarantee on it. Not feeling the love? Just give us a shout. We're all ears.

Our Community

You folks, our customers, are the real MVPs. Your two cents? It's worth millions to us. So, questions, bright ideas, a little chit-chat? Drop us a line anytime!